Prayers as stated everyday Some have told me they offer their tobacco every day, without fail, and I often smile to myself, as I know they really don’t. It sounds good to say it though. I went out to South Dakota once and I was asked to run a sweat by one of the old timers I knew,Continue reading “Prayers as stated everyday”

Parashat Archarei Mot-Kedoshim The things the children of Israel had to go through to be covered and have their sins forgiven is insurmountable compared to today and the way many of these church goers take their services so much for granted. I can remember how hard many of the elders worked preparing themselves for a given ceremony,Continue reading “Parashat Archarei Mot-Kedoshim”

Poised for prayer

Posture, Passion & Fasting Poised for Prayer Why is Posture in Prayer Important? * Posture is [generally speaking] the visible expression of an inward attitude. What are the bodily postures people assume in these circumstances? Humility Eagerness Pleading or supplicating Receiving Attentiveness & Respect * “…if we really desire to imitate God, we must takeContinue reading “Poised for prayer”

On Jewish/Hebrew names

Traditional Explanation The man said to Jacob: “Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with beings divine and human, and have prevailed” (Gen. 32:28). Therefore, it is widely believed that the name “Israel” comes from the Hebrew word sharit (שרית), which in biblical Hebrew means “to struggle”, “to exerciseContinue reading “On Jewish/Hebrew names”