As the Day draws near Very interesting stuff. I have always loved anything to do with prophetic events as it allows me to compare with the prophecies of my people. It almost lines up with what we have been told by our elders many years ago for me now. I recall many talks around the fires in the eveningsContinue reading “As the Day draws near”

Hebrew for Christians H4C Intriguing stuff this, at least for me. My elders spoke of a lot of mysterious things like this but it was never written down by anyone. Our Bodewadmi cultural thoughts and language are completely oral. Much of it has been written by various folks but there remains a lot that is either untrue, incorrect,Continue reading “Hebrew for Christians H4C”

The Thirteen Principles There are 13 levels of consciousness found within the teachings of the Neshnabek that I learned as a youth. These 13 teachings on the wheel of time are not exactly the same as Hebrew teachings but correspond greatly with them. Please read with an open mind and allow the Holy One Epijmendot to bringContinue reading “The Thirteen Principles”