On Prayer in Hebrew, It is the same in Bodewadmimwen

In the English language, prayer is largely defined by the idea of asking. In old English one could say, either to God or to anyone else: “I pray thee to do such and such.” The basic concept here is a heart-felt request. The Jewish concept of prayer, however, is best defined by its Hebrew wordContinue reading “On Prayer in Hebrew, It is the same in Bodewadmimwen”

Being born again….

What did Jesus mean? First of all, this conversation wasn’t in Greek, but rather in Hebrew. Looking at the Hebrew gospels, we find a slightly different meaning. Jesus’ words, “yivvaled ish milma’ǝlah” are often translated as “born again”, however the word ma’alah in Hebrew means “above”. Apparently, Jesus used a well-known Hebrew expression, ‘born fromContinue reading “Being born again….”

Appropriate for today…..

The Seven Grandfather Teachings Bwakawen Wisdom Zagidwen Ndebanawen  Love Mnadendemowen Wdetanmowen Respect Akwadewen Wedasewen Bravery Gwekwadzewen Honesty Dbesendamowen Edbesendamowen Humility Debwewin Truth Background According to the aadizookaan Atsokan (traditional story), the teachings were given to the Anishinaabeg early in their history. Seven Grandfathers asked their messenger to take a survey of the human condition. AtContinue reading “Appropriate for today…..”

I love this story and it’s deeper levels of meaning.

The Hidden Message By Julia BlumMay 27, 2021No comments The Opening of the EyesWe are still in Genesis 38, in this strange and unexpected interruption to the narrative, in the story of Judah and Tamar. We are entering the most interesting part of the story, the “action” of the story, which according to the textContinue reading “I love this story and it’s deeper levels of meaning.”