Hau mno waben ginwa

https://hebrew4christians.com/About_HFC/Site_News/site_news.html#loaded Good morning: I haven’t posted on here for awhile so I am attempting to play catch up since I have been on a small vacation and been witnessing of Christ’s great love all over the North country. It was good to visit old friends and old sites that I once haunted as it broughtContinue reading “Hau mno waben ginwa”

The slaying of the First Born, an interesting read….

The slaying of the firstborn is the final, and most severe, divine measure against Egypt. Why did God need to use such a harsh tactic? Why was this particular plague the necessary conclusion to God’s barrage against Egypt? Answers may lie in inscriptions from ancient Egyptian coffins that reference an enigmatic event known as theContinue reading “The slaying of the First Born, an interesting read….”