Two dimensional linear thinking….as opposed to ?

Isaac And Ishmael: The Paradigm Shift By Julia BlumMay 19, 2022No comments In order to read Paul’s allegory in the way it has been read for centuries by the Church, some beliefs had to be presupposed: First, Ishmael was just a byproduct on the way to Isaac, and only Isaac was essential in God’s plan;Continue reading “Two dimensional linear thinking….as opposed to ?”

The truth about Judah in Genesis 37

The Fatal Words It certainly feels this way if you understand Hebrew. For instance, at the end of the story, when Tamar brings out Judah’s personal items, she says, “Discern, I pray thee” (הַכֶּר־נָ֔א). This expression, הַכֶּר־נָ֔א – discern, recognize, appears only twice in the entire Torah, and can you guess where it is firstContinue reading “The truth about Judah in Genesis 37”