Will there be a third temple built?

Second Thessalonians describes a “man of lawlessness” who “sits in the Temple of God” (2 Thess 2:4). Since Jerusalem’s second Temple has been destroyed for nearly two thousand years and this mysterious man is yet to appear, many readers assume that a third Temple will be built in the future so that Paul’s prognostication canContinue reading “Will there be a third temple built?”

What represents the Jews.

Understanding Leviticus In Leviticus, the Hebrew terms for the four plants are: 1) etz hadar, or citrus trees; 2) t’mārîm, date palm trees; 3) etz avot, thick, leafy trees; and 4) arvey nahal, willows of the brook. In the 1st century CE, commentaries began to identify the species from Leviticus as: citron, date palm, myrtle,Continue reading “What represents the Jews.”

Mercy in Hebrew

“Mercy” in Hebrew Thought Hebrew רחמים (pronounced rakhamim) is usually translated as “mercy.” However, it is actually plural in form, like many common Hebrew words including “face” (פנים, panim), “water” (מים, mayim), and even God (אלהים, elohim). What is very interesting is that the singular form רחם (rakham) looks identical to the word for “womb”Continue reading “Mercy in Hebrew”