A Kinsman Redeemer

What EXACTLY is “The Kinsman Redeemer”? Without a kinsman redeemer we could not go to Heaven! That is how important this is for our salvation!
         A kinsman redeemer has a legal right to have land owned by another transferred back to the original owners under certain conditions.  Jesus had to come to the Earth in the flesh to be our kinsman redeemer and “pay the price” to have the right to regain the ownership of the Earth. But does he actually want the Earth?  No, He doesn’t! He wants what is in the Earth!

     Jesus provides us with a simple parable in Matthew and tells us “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure [us, the bride] hid in a field [the earth]; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath [gives his life], and buyeth [pays the price] that field.” (Matt 13:44).  This parable is about how Jesus Christ died to pay the price to regain rights to the earth in order to obtain us, the Church [the treasure] that was in the earth.   His goal wasn’t to obtain the field itself but the treasure within it.

     The Old Testament provides us a similar example in the Book or Ruth which details this process. Boaz [type of Christ] desired to marry Ruth [type of the Church] but the only legal way in which he was able to do so was to purchase the parcel of land owned by Elimelech [Ruth’s mother-in-law’s deceased husband]. By purchasing the land, he also obtained all that was attached to the land which included Ruth [the treasure, or bride].  The right of buying back the property was in every sale so when the time came to “redeem” the land back to its original family, a relative could step in to purchase it.  This relative was referred to as “the kinsman redeemer”. 

     Only the kinsman redeemer could purchase back the land and therefore they had to be a kinsman [relative] and also had to pay the price. In order for Christ to be a kinsman he had to come to the world [in the flesh] and live as a man and he also had to pay the price [his death].  Jesus had to become a man to have the legal right to redeem the Earth from Satan so that He could take His bride from the Earth having purchased. The Earth was originally given to Adam, but its ownership was transferred to Satan through Adam’s sin. [A master owns everything their servant possesses, and Satan gained the Earth since Adam sinned.] Jesus is restoring the possession back to the original family as the kinsman redeemer. Satan currently owns and rules the world, and the land deed grant was wrapped up in a scroll with seven seals. This is the scroll that the crucified lamb of God takes from the Father’s hand in heaven and opens in Revelation to reclaim the Earth.

     The Ancient Jewish legal process to sell and purchase land back is not like we do today. Land was never sold permanently but only temporarily (Lev 25:23-28) and it always went back to the original owner if the original owner could meet the terms of the contract. In the Jubilee Year (Lev 25:8-10) all debts and slaves are freed, and all redeemed land was returned even if it was redeemed before that date (Lev 20:10,13,28; 27:24). Redemption rights were given to the nearest kinsman during any time before the Jubilee. Even though the land could be redeemed in advance, it was never returned to the kinsman until the Year of Jubilee. (Lev 25:27; Jer 32:6-9; Ruth 4:8).

     Proper legal documents were prepared and sealed for the Redemption. After the necessary price was paid (Jer 32:6-9) the proper legal documents of two identical scrolls are prepared with the particulars written on the inside and witnesses on the outside.  One is sealed for sure evidence and given to another for safekeeping.  One is used for reference until final redemption takes place in the future when the sure evidence of redemption (held in safekeeping by an absolutely trustworthy source) is opened for the final return of the land (Jer 32:10-14).  Then at the Jubilee Year, the original owner shall have the land returned to him to lease out, performing legal contracts again, as he pleased before (Jer 32:41-44). Only the kinsman redeemer has the legal right to take the scroll and open the seals to redeem the land.

     In Revelation, God the Father was holding the sealed scroll in safekeeping, and only Jesus Christ, our kinsman redeemer had the legal right to take it and open the seals and retake possession of the earth. But this possession would only be taken in the Year of Jubilee. At that time Christ will take possession and expel the usurpers from the earth (Acts 3:21).  If Jesus did not come in the flesh to be our kinsman redeemer then He would not be able to claim us from the Earth as it would always remain in Satan’s possession. This is why John was crying before Jesus came forward to claim his status and authority to open the scroll in Revelation.      Even though Jesus will have the right to the Earth and all in it, He will not take what is not His and only those that follow Him are His. The New Testament provides God’s plan of salvation and the manner in which we should live our lives to serve him, and if we do, we will become his adopted children and live in Heaven with him eternally. Over the centuries, definitions of individual words have been slowly changing, and the original meanings of each of the 5,624 Koine Greek root words used in the New Testament have come to light.

Published by neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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