Teshuvah has to do with repentance

Sometimes we need to test ourselves in accordance with God’s Word, and see where we are in His eyes. We cannot count ourselves righteous when it is only God that can do that, but we can test ourselves as to the will of God and how we are living on this planet. When finding where and what we lack, it is a good idea to repent of it and get back on track. Living a dedicated life, or Christian, if you prefer, requires some self examination every day and then some. Thoughts can creep up on us and so can actions we take, usually against others, that may need to be checked, and then you need to repent. I know I do, from time to time.

Living for Jesus requires a steady watchful eye on things in one’s life, not on other’s, but on yourself. Just some thoughts I have on living a successful Christ centered life.

Nin se Neaseno.

Published by neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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