Clear thinking, indeed! We need to be thinking clear thoughts and making clear well thought out decisions in this age of fast paced thinking we are part of. If you’re anything like me, you’re thought process does not permit you to believe you are part of this world, but here as a visitor, this society is gearedContinue reading “Clear thinking, indeed!”

The Hebrew Scriptures Someone asked me recently why it is I study the Hebrew Scriptures so fervently. I told them the writings and the prophets seem to be in agreement with things I grew up with inasmuch as teachings are concerned. Certainly the Hebrew language is more in keeping with the Old Bodewadmimwen than this English everyoneContinue reading “The Hebrew Scriptures”

Gwi gteganke ne ginwa

Planting Guide Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Gardening Guide Introduction This Guide is intended as a general introduction to planting and raising seeds which are available from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. While we have endeavored to answer as many questions as possible, no document of this size can hope to be all encompassing. We therefore encourageContinue reading “Gwi gteganke ne ginwa”

The Shema I find this very interesting as I study the Old and New Testaments both in Hebrew and English, as well as Greek. Learning and knowing the original texts on Biblical knowledge is important. Knowing my own language, I know that English only does not fully translate Bodewadmi thought and reason, and I find itContinue reading “The Shema”