The Thirteen Principles There are 13 levels of consciousness found within the teachings of the Neshnabek that I learned as a youth. These 13 teachings on the wheel of time are not exactly the same as Hebrew teachings but correspond greatly with them. Please read with an open mind and allow the Holy One Epijmendot to bringContinue reading “The Thirteen Principles”

Some older forms of God’s name for Bodewadmik/Neshnabek

Older names for the Spirit of all Life… Shkwedénsi                                       Fire Spirit Nétemanokit                                      First Worker Jak gégo ga gishtot                             He who made everything Jak gégo ga she tot                             He who made it all Jak gégo éwabdet                               He who sees it all Jak gégo ékéndaset                            He who knows all Jak gégo she éyéyet                            He who is everywhereContinue reading “Some older forms of God’s name for Bodewadmik/Neshnabek”

Ten Commandments Node mdatso kenomagewnen ga mingowat gi dawewnenwik ezhi gcheashbek emawjeshnowat iw pi. The Ten Laws or Teachings the Hebrews were given at the Great Mountain of Sinai then……I find these writings most interesting as they sound much like Teachings we were given by the Ancient Ones who were in touch with the God. IContinue reading “Ten Commandments”