Some more praiseworthy words

Addressing God, The Lord Jesus, the LORD, YHWH. 

Address Him in the manner He is accustomed, as a sign of respect.

How does one address the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe?

Oh, Keshemnedo sounds too familiar.

Geno-ojashket – The Long Nosed One  (slow to anger)

Ékyenat kenik – Carries the Bone, the carrier of the Bone(s)…

Mdewadseje – Invisible Walks—-mnedo yawe

Kéjgosnan = Our Heavenly Father

Debenjege Zheshuah Gazigneget        LORD Jesus Christ

Gche Yahwuh                LORD (God), He is, The Supreme Lord/God

Mamogosnan, Yahwuh, ZheZhos, etc., etc.

Basic Christian Terminology:

Zhezhoedebwetagwzet              Christian

Nyanomtene’emendokazet       Pentecostal

Nyanomtenemnedowjege          Pentecostal

Bezhekedebwetagwzet             Oneness Believer

Zignetwa                                  Baptize s.o.

Zignendan                                Baptize s.t.

Zignedadwen                           Baptism  (n)

Zignedadge                              Baptize  (v)

Zignedadwen  se Mnedo Jibe    Baptism of the Holy Ghost/Spirit

Mnoshknewen se Mnedo Jibe   Infilling of the Holy Ghost/Spirit

I have listed both forms of Baptismal Formulas that Christians utilize, Matthew 28:19 and Acts 2:38……

Zignedadge se Mnedo Nozwen           Baptized in the Father’s Name; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Zignedadge se Zhezhos Nozwen         Baptized in Jesus Name

Jibeteg                                               Cross

Jibyateg                                             grave marker or small cross

Ske’egen                                           nail

Ske’egas                                            smaller nail

Odo pi ébyayak     At this time we have come

Endotmoyak émnéséyak           to ask for something we need

(or)   éndodaskéyak émnéséyak to implore for something we need

Dodaske                                             means to implore, supplicate……

Egazgebmadzewen                   Eternal life

Nwi egazgebmadziyan                       I will live eternally

Nwi o egazgebmades                         I will live forever

Some questions that need to be asked?

How important is He to you personally?  How important is that relationship to you, personally?

Perhaps one’s prayer should reflect that importance.

Nmikwéndan ga wje/iw pi egi mboyen                   I remember how/when you died for me

Nmikwéndan ga wje bgednoyen I wmskwim   I remember how/when you bled for me, literally; when you put down your blood for me.

Ke jitwawénesh o mnedo                    Praise the Lord

Ke jitwawéna o Mnedo                      the same

Mine ngot ode ndotmoyan                 And there is this one thing I ask

When you ask in the right way, God is faithful to answer.  Specific prayers get specific answers. (ndodaskewen)

Gishpen endodmoygo o mnedo gego she epijndebwetagwzeyen/yek wa je mingoyen/yek weye gego

Whatever you ask of the Lord, anything really, you must come in faith believing you have received it/something

Weye o endodmot edebwetagwzewen etot o mine eyawet o mnedo,

Whoever comes must come in faith, believing that he is

Eminat weye edebwetagwzet o mnedo

A rewarder of those that believe in him

Iw énajmoyan                 That’s all I have to say. 

Gagi                               eternal or forever

Gchemamokazet             LORD  (YHVH) Yahweh as in Yah Wuh

Zédan                             Satan

Mjimnedo                      Devil

Mji                                 pre noun having to do with evil

Mnedokajgen                 idol


Mjimnedokewen             idolatry

Mnedokajgewen             another idolatry

Msenjegen                      image (statue)

Kiyawekewen                image

Wayezhinge                   false

Gche ayazhni                 a leading angel such as an Arc Angel

Niganze                          Arc angel

Ayazhni                         Angel/could be in reference to good angel or fallen one

Mamoshimnan               Greatest Older Brother  (Jesus)

Zhezhos                         Jesus

Mamogosnan                 Creator  (The Greatest Father of us all)

Kejkosnan                      Our Heavenly Father

Zhawendagewen             blessing

Zhawendagwzewen        blessing (n.)

Nozho                            bless, needs prefix such as n or g

Winwash                        praise  (v)            

Nde winwana                 I am praising

Winwanuk                     praising

Nde winwatan                I am praising s.t.

Wewinwankwoset          praiseworthy  (adj.)

Nchiwenmoma               congratulate   (v)

Nchiwenmotan               congratulate  (n)

Winewanatan                  congratulate   (n)

Nchiwenmoma               congratulations   (v)

Nchiwenmotan               same as a noun

Winewanantan                same as another noun

Nin se Neaseno.

Published by neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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