The Lord’s Prayer

Praiseworthy words: Thoughts of mine.

When I address my LORD and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, I want to do so with the utmost respect, reverence and protocol. He is the Creator, the God of the Universe of Universes, the Creator of it all, the Supreme Cause/Effect of all things, so I want Him to know how much I love and respect him, how I appreciate him, and what a Glorious God he is.

Even the name LORD is something special. LORD indicates he is the Unbegotten Father, the LORD of the Universe. There is no other God besides him. He is the LORD that appeared to Moses in the burning bush, he is the LORD who led Israel out of Egypt and led them clear across the Wilderness of Sin, and revealed Himself through the Mosaic Tabernacle. He is the same LORD who led them into the Promised Land and sustained them in spite of all their idolatry.

He is the same LORD who revealed himself and called out to Avram/Abraham,

Genesis 15: 9-18, wherein he told Avram to take a heifer of 3 years, a she goat of three years, and a ram of 3 years, and a turtle dove and young pigeon, he instructed him to divide them in the midst and lay each piece one against another, but not to divide the birds. And when the sun went down, and it became dark, behold a smoking furnace and a burning lamp passed between those pieces. He put a deep sleep upon Avram and that day made a covenant with him…….

the same LORD who put Adam and Eve out of the Garden, and he is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He revealed himself to so many countless prophets, priests and kings.

He is the same LORD who proclaimed his name to Moses in Exodus 34: 5-7, revealing his Thirteen Fold Name.

He is also the Creator God who became the Begotten Son, Lord, God, Merciful, Gracious, Longsuffering, Abundant Goodness, Preserver of Bountifulness, Forgiver of Iniquity, Forgiver of Transgression, Forgiver of Sins, Just Judge.

He is the Eternal Father LORD, the Eternal Cause of all things, the Unbegotten Father, with the Begotten Son becoming the Effect of all things.

We may know him as Mamogosnan, Gshemnedo, Zhezhos and many other things we shall touch on in the forgoing pages. He is known to many cultures in just as many names and possessing the attributes of the God of this Universe. He is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent.

He is Merciful, Gracious and Long-suffering: slow to anger……in Hebrew, Erech Apaim. Having a long nose……people who are quick tempered go through strange facial expressions wherein the nose appears to get larger and the nostrils flare, when they get angry…..Jehovah has a long nose—-slow to anger.

Nin se Neaseno.

Published by neaseno

I was born on Powers Bluff in Wood County, Wisconsin, into a traditional community of Neshnabek. I was raised speaking only native languages, and learned to speak English upon entering school at the age of 6. As of this writing, I am one of 5 remaining Heritage Fluent Speakers of Potawatomi.

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